Star Surveyor

Star Surveyor is a game about exploring a diverse ecosystem on an alien planet. Using your scanner, you can collect info on the various alien life-forms you encounter, and send that info back home to earn new tools that will open new pathways to discover.

This was my first attempt at making an action-adventure game without using violence as the main mechanic.


Subterrarium is a turn-based platformer about digging and climbing and gardening your way to the surface, while taking care not to break the wrong block and collapse the loose dirt above you.

This was my first tile-based puzzle game and it has what I think is a fairly unique mechanic, in the sense that it’s turn-based, but it’s on a side view and the character is affected by gravity. This opened up all the possibilities of a more rigid, turn-based puzzle game, while keeping the basic physics of a platformer.


Connection Lost is a game about using a computer terminal to explore moments in time, to help a doomed scientist get back home.

This was my first foray into more personal work. Setting everything inside a computer terminal meant that I had to rely on storytelling more than game feel or mechanics, which was an interesting and rewarding challenge.


Tetheract is a game about racing your spaceship around one of 3 tracks, trying to beat your best score. Use your grapple to swing around corners, and build up meter to gain a speed burst.

In this game, I was interested in using a grappling hook in place of a drifting mechanic, to create a new kind of movement to the typical racing game.